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October 11, 2010
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Your untamed soft hands touch me in ways I always crave for,
Tease me in sweet ways I could never prepare for,
Hold me in between like I am the only one,
And always distract me unexpectedly when we kiss.

I can feel your love in the movement of your lips,
A total warm pleasantness as you cling to me.
And maybe a small part of my mind actually registers the surprise,
As your warm hands reach curiously for more.

In sweetness your love blinds me,
In my heart your love completes me,
Come tomorrow I hope you'll still crave me,
And oh, I think I'm in love with you, completely.
:pc::blushes: Ever been in love?

`apocathary dropped by with some very interesting questions [Edit: Oh naive me. Apparently he was making fun of my poem then stalking readers in support of me] I feel that can help reveal some interesting wisdom within this poem as well as how it may bring out a certain connection with you. :blushes: So here's another can opener to a small part of this poem's recipe! :blushes:

:bulletgreen: How are hands untamed? Like brambles? Like tigers? Like my girlfriend's hair?
"Your untamed soft hands" in my poem refers to hands of purity, untamed and untainted, in every way sincere. And in a woman's hand as in this poem (of Love-refer to title) was originally written for *grins* is also meant to imply something that's new, never before experienced. Each love a person finds in life can be new, and their senses in a way explores always something uniquely new they've not felt before, and that innocence in a way is very untamed in a sense.

:bulletgreen: How is the narrator (N) 'teased in sweet ways'? What are 'sweet ways'? Are we talking cake here, or kindness?
*laughs* Well if you've been in an intimate relationship, mentally and physically then you know what 'sweet' can encompass. For others, 'sweet' can be just that, cakes, or kindness. And love can feel as delightful as all of them! Different to different people of course, but to all of us when we are 'teased' (in ways such as mentioned in the line above -Your untamed soft hands touch me in ways I always crave for") by someone we love, the 'sweet' may refer to something much less materialistic than what you imply, but a simple human ideal of 'happiness'. *smiles* :)

:bulletgreen: How does the N's lover distract them when they kiss? Are they dry and irritating?
Lol for this you may have to refer to the first line of this same stanza, where the subject of the stanza was "Your untamed hands" and how it 'touches'. There are many ways a person can be distracted by a loved one. Touch (line 1) is one of them, fulfilling desires (line 1) is one of them, unexpected surprises (line 2) is one of them, feeling uniquely treasured (line 3) is also one of them. The "And" in this last line of the same stanza is meant to sum the above to the concluding confession of what all of the above can sum to affect *smiles*

:bulletgreen: How is the movement of lips showing love? What movements? Are they doing pushups?
The movement of the lips is for the readers to interpret, because the subject of the line isn't about what was given to the narrator, me, but what I felt with what I was given *smiles*. The movement of the lips may not be meant to show love at all! The person giving that kiss may have a purpose all of its own! But *grins* once again, this line starts with what "I" can feel. Often people are given something in their life experiences, but their perception allows them to infer it something completely different than what the given's motives are meant to provide. This line's hidden metaphor is to show that it's no different when it comes to love, relationships, and how people expresses things to each other. No matter what is 'meant to be shown', how the receive feels, is entirely up to what they 'can' infer from their own perspectives, or maybe, choose to.

:bulletgreen: What is the 'warm pleasantness'? What is it like? Is N peeing himself?
*laughs* it's like an interview! What a technique in licking out some hidden secrets of the techniques i'm using ;P. Well, the previous line you were asking about the movements of the lips, what movements etc. This line in this stanza is meant to point out that not knowing what movements are made, that sometimes a touch (refer to prior stanza), causes not a memory of exact description of what direction something moved, but a memory of how something felt. And in this line this pleasantness is felt "as you cling to me.". If you can take note of the category of this poem: "Literature / Poetry / Romantic / General / Urban & Spoken Word", you may take note that when people talk to another, the more sincere and straightforward expressions is in telling the other their feelings, and to go beyond just feelings, a perspective of the action and source that caused their feelings to come to be. If you ever have a partner in a love relationship, it can simply be human to want to know how they feel, and this communication shared between the two can strengthen the emotional bond in ways no other ways could.

:bulletgreen: How does N's lover's heart complete them?
Don't we all want to know? *grins slyly*. Do you want to know how you could ever complete the heart of someone else you one day is deeply in love with? Literally or metaphorically speaking? How do you describe every technical detail of all the reasons you can think of, or all the physical or material descriptions you can think of to your loved one in just a few words? Every person is capable of speaking and writing, and for hours, anyone can attempt to try to describe something of their heart's passion to another person every day. But sometimes, it is rather enough to simply know that someone loves you. Or, in this case, they feel that in their heart, the love they feel from you completes them.

:bulletgreen: How does N hope?
*smiles* There's a saying that "Light needs darkness to develop". I think each person's imagination is unique enough that in darkness, we can all imagine different things to hope for. As for how we hope, maybe you need to look deep within yourself, and see that there may just be something that all of us share as human beings.


[Edit: So I guess I was naive to have thought he was actually serious in wanting to get to know these things about my poem when he was actually already dead set on his opinions. His reply started simply with "I don't think you're quite getting where I'm coming from. None of this is in the poem. It's all in your head" :(

Thanks everyone for the support in all the drama that sprang from this and *laughs* supportive words like these that totally had me laughing!

"he wanted to cause scandal because he's most likely jealous of your beautiful writing while he's over there writing about toilet paper and the way he made such a big deal out of just ridiculous. really he needs to get over being blocked. it happens

and he should respect it and really his DA page is FULL OF HIMSELF

LOL ...*sighs*. I hope you've at least found a little bit of enjoyment from my terribly few words of poetry :blushes: Thank you for reading!]
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bloodlustbunny Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh wow exatly how i feel about my boyfriend
Eldessia Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
I love this its beautiful and so easy to relate too. I am just sorry that there are so many immature and petty people with so much time on their hands as to cause drama over things like this. Its sad really...they must be very lonely and pathetic people. The poem was lovely and the full written explanation amused me a lot. Ill be checking out more of your work for sure!
aBlondMoment Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014   Writer
Lol okay this comment definitely made me laugh, and I'm having not quite a restful morning at all *grins* Thank you for this. :thanks:
taichitwo Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Love this , wow
aBlondMoment Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013   Writer
thank you for taking your time to leave this wonderful feedback :) :eager:
taichitwo Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
your most welcome , beautiful work.
akatsukityphoon13 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
I've been looking through deviant art and I kept finding all these beautiful pieces of writing and they've all been by you. Very good job, keep writing so I can keep reading.
aBlondMoment Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013   Writer
Thank you so much for taking your time to leave this wonderful feedback! :eager:
I love this. I definitely think that in a relationship being "teased" is a common feeling, in whatever way.
aBlondMoment Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013   Writer
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